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Our Vision

What if one day every student reached their full potential by learning in a school that was completely centered on their unique needs, motivation, abilities and potential?  The answer to that question is our vision for your child at Merit Prep.

In most traditional schools, students fit the needs of school.  Students are grouped by age, progressed through a singular curriculum or learning path at the same pace, level of presumed progress and support as every other student in the building.  This is a school-centric (or perhaps better said an “adult-centric”) model of school.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Well, there’s nothing traditional about Merit Prep or the model of school we have designed.  In fact, we’ve radically departed from how traditional schools educate their students and too often fail to prepare them for the demands of our 21st century when they graduate.

What makes us innovative?  Well our vision for Merit Prep is centered on the individual needs of your child.  We design our school’s learning starting point, learning path and progression, teachers, technology, schedule and community around the needs of your student.  We call this model a “student-centered model” of school where our school will fit the needs of your student (and not the other way around like in most traditional schools).